Zucchini ‘fishcake’ fritter

When creating these zucchini fritters, I had no idea what they would taste like. I didn't expect them to taste like a fishcake at all since there is not even a dash of seaweed in this recipe. However, they remind me so of fishcakes. And so the zucchini fishcake fritter was born. Food and memories Tuna fishcakes were super popular in my granny's home growing up. They were made from canned tuna, egg, onion, flour and parsley if I had to guess. I haven't tried to make a fishcake since my childhood days. After making these zucchini fritters, I was…

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Kale and Tomato Mac n Cheese

I warn you, I'm all about the pasta life right about now. In my attempt to make pasta a healthy dinner option, I created this delicious kale and tomato Mac n cheese. Who can resist Mac n cheese right? Kale and tomato combo I never realized how good kale and tomato would go together. I've been on a kale train ever since I get 2 huge bunches a week in my veggie box. For this Mac n cheese I pan fried the kale with some garlic and soy sauce. The cherry tomatoes are pan roasted with a little bit of…

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Chocolate energy balls

I went raw vegan in 2012. The main reason I was so willing to try such a drastic lifestyle change was because it said I could still eat desserts. I hear you laughing out loud. Reading that I could eat chocolate made from natural foods completely sold me. I'm a dessert girl and I want to eat it all. This was my very first recipe attempt and has been a favorite ever since. I present to you my chocolate energy balls. A healthy chocolate treat If you're looking for something healthy to cure your sugar cravings without eating nasties, then…

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Smoky Sweet Potato Soup

Let it be known, I love sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are so versatile and can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. I roast sweet potatoes every week, literally every week! I was so happy when I got a few in my Misfit box this past week. While prepping this weeks meals I decided a smoky sweet potato soup would go down well. Before I tell you about this deliciously easy sweet potato soup let me tell you about Misfit. A bit about Misfit box When I lived in Thailand, all those years back, I would get a weekly box…

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