Creamy strawberry oatmeal

Oatmeal love it or hate it? Oatmeal, some love it some hate it. I used to be in the hate category but for some reason this year I've grown to love oatmeal even when it's hot and summery. I have a few favorite combinations but today I want to share with you my creamy strawberry oatmeal recipe. How not to make this oatmeal This is NOT microwave oatmeal. I avoid using the microwave and choose to never cook with it. If microwaving is your thing, give it a go. Stop and stir frequently to prevent the oats from boiling over.…

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Vegan French Toast

With caramelized banana I was that kid who hated French toast. Egg soaked bread? No thank you!! I hated eggs from the age of 6. When I started seeing others making vegan French Toast, I thought "aha! I want to try that." I've been making vegan French toast for breakfasts for quite some time now and this is my ultimate French toast with caramelized banana. Sound good?  The perfect vegan French toast In order to make the perfect French toast every time you need 2 key factors to make it unbelievably good. The perfect stale bread.  The perfect 'egg' wash dip. …

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Maca nana ice cream

Hot and humid West Virginian summer days are here and this has meant that I crave cooler foods. This is where nana ice cream becomes my food savior.  What is nana ice cream? For those of you who are vegan newbies, nana ice cream is blended frozen bananas.  I think nana ice cream was the reason I wanted a high powered blender from the start as making this in a normal blender can result in less desirable results.  On the plus side, if you don't have a high powered blender but have a food processor, you can make this recipe in that…

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