My TOP 10 tips to a waste conscious life:

My TOP 10 tips to a waste conscious life:

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Becoming waste conscious

Becoming waste conscious is a journey I strongly believe we all need to be embarking on for our future.

Every day we go about our lives, consuming. Consuming fast food, consuming coffees, fast fashion, toiletries, games, devices, gas etc. It is very tough to not consume at all. However, we need to look at how we consume and see if there is a way we can change our environmental impact. This got me thinking back to the changes I’ve been making in my life and I thought I would share with you my top 10 tips to a waste conscious life.

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is a movement towards drastic waste reduction in your life. I like to call it waste conscious as zero implies no waste which is impossible. Zero waste has sparked popularity lately. It’s something I’m working towards and ultimately something we should all be working towards for a better future.

We all know that plastic has become a huge problem and damaging eco systems of the world. Humans create unnecessary amounts of waste on a daily basis and only about 10% of the worlds plastic gets recycled. For more stats check out this informative website.

Support truly ethical brands

I want to support brands that are ethical, sustainable and are taking the environment into consideration. I shouldn’t need to tell anyone how humans and consumerism have stuffed up badly in hurting our world. On a positive note, WE can all work together to make a change.

This change could be huge if all the giant corporations of the world decided to put our planet first. Unfortunately, sometimes their attempt is merely a marketing strategy to keep face. In the end, their only concern is how much money can they make doing the very least. Rather support the small guys – they need our loyalty and frequent support more.

How can you make a difference?

Change starts with creating a new habit. Change is a commitment and it’s not easy but if you firmly set yourself up for success you will most likely succeed.

My first step in making a waste conscious change, was becoming aware of how much waste I was creating. If you had to save all your waste from a month, nothing would be more concrete that a pile of waste to make you aware. If you’re not so keen on storing all that waste for a month, then become conscious now.

Here on my top 10 tips to changing habits and becoming waste conscious:

  1. When going grocery shopping, choose vegetables that aren’t in plastic. I know this can be tough but try a farmers’ market instead. You will most likely have better luck and fresher produce too. Buy or make material bags for items you want in a bag. There are so many ways to use old t-shirts to make these bags. You Tube is your friend.
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2. Keep reusable shopping bags in your car and one in your handbag. We all make the mistake of forgetting these in the car, be a gem and go grab it. Remember commitment.

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3. Get yourself a reusable insulated coffee mug. These are great for hot and cold beverages and cuts down on single use plastic. Keep it clean and in your bag. 

4. Try to buy items in bulk. I know this one is even tougher! You won’t always need a big quantity of something but maybe you can share with friends or family. My rule is if an item comes in single use plastic I buy a larger quantity so I don’t need to buy frequently. Some bulk stores allow you to take your own containers and fill these up – definitely support them.

5. Instead of using cotton wool swobs to remove make up, use a facecloth and coconut oil. This works like a dream and is a bathroom staple. I wash out my facecloth with warm water and never have to spend money on cotton swobs.

6. Recycle correctly – I cannot emphasize this one enough. If you throw dirty items into your recycle bin, the chances are your trash is NOT being recycled. No one wants to go through 3 week+ old cans and food particles in recycling items.

Food residue contaminates your entire bin of recycling. Most of the time, these items just get thrown into the normal trash and go into a landfill or sadly the ocean. It takes a few extra seconds to rinse off all recycling items with some warm water. Except for a nut butter jar which takes more elbow grease. Go on, you can do it! 

kitchen pantry glass jars

7. Choose glass over plastic where ever you can. I tend to keep all my glass bottles and jars for keeping homemade sauces, spices and leftovers. If you have too many of these, donate them or give to a glass recycling program.

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8. Challenge yourself to give up fast fashion because sadly, fashion items are filling our landfills and oceans faster than we even realize. Wear it one season and toss it the next, we have to put an end to this wasteful movement we have been lead to believe is okay. Invest in a good pair of shoes, a good pair or two of jeans, and minimize your wardrobe. When going shopping make a decision based on need vs impulse. I found I have saved so much money since making conscious purchases. 

waste conscious compost heap

9. Compost your food waste and scraps. This one takes a little bit more effort – I’m not going to lie, and especially if you live in an apartment with no garden. But, where there is a will there is a way. If someone you know has a garden, you can take scraps to them twice a week or donate it to a local farming community.

waste conscious homemade lotion

10. My last tip for making a waste conscious change is to go through your cosmetics and bathroom items. See which ones can be bought in glass or reusable containers. I’m switching over to homemade products or ones from companies who focus on eco friendly packaging. Sustainable packaging is the future.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 tips on becoming a waste conscious guru. Be proud of yourself for taking the first step to making a difference.   If you are already on the waste conscious path and have some tips, please leave a comment below as I’m always excited to hear about what others are doing to make a change. In case you missed it, check out my vegan grocery shopping tips.

Together we will be the change we want to see in the world. <3

With love – Amy

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