It’s a BOY!

Last week on Monday, I started getting contractions. I knew it would soon be time to bring this little person into the world. After an exhausting, long, unmedicated labor, on Tuesday 15th October, it was announced that we had a little boy. The level of excitement in Sam’s voice was something I hope to never forget. 

The birthing story is a long one and one that I want to share as soon as I have had time to properly process what all happened. 

I held my little guy on my chest and just knew that life would never be the same again. Honestly, I’ve learned that I have to give myself more grace. Grace to not have everything organized, grace to not have everything clean all the time and grace to not be too obsessed if I haven’t done something in time. 

Scheduling a list of blog posts before Leonardo’s arrival was something I wasn’t able to do and I’m not the type of person who wants to disappoint anyone. BUT at the same time, I know it’s okay to not have everything so organized and I want to enjoy this time fully with my little guy without added pressure. 

I’ve decided to take it easier. To post one recipe a week and if I can another until I get back into the swing of things. I want to post my thoughts and my journey into motherhood and not only food. It’s obvious to me that I now have a new passion – being the best mom I can to this sweet boy. 

For now go make these vegan chicken nuggetstofu scramble or pumpkin spice rusks

I have something SWEET planned for Thursday 😀

Until next time. Happy cooking.

xx Amy

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