Evolving into minimalism

Now I hear you saying, “What crazy idea has Ams got now?!” Every time I move countries I end up changing my lifestyle somehow. When I moved to Thailand, one year in and I became vegan. Now that I’m in America, I noticed something that stirred deeply within me.

From the day Sam and I landed, I noticed the large cars, the large billboards, the mind-blowing amount of fast food chains, huge shops and I mean huge. Going into a grocery store is like going into a Makro (South Africa) or an aircraft hangar. Large rows and rows of almost everything you can think about. Walking into an Apple store is an experience, imagine a huge store with so much technology on display, showing you what you could have and payment plans. And it’s ALWAYS busy. Did I even mention how you can finance anything here? Need a new washer and tumble dryer, finance it over 24 months. Need a cellphone upgrade because it’s cool? Finance it for only $30 per month. You need cable TV (DSTV) and you can get this for $30 a month. Need wifi at home for a 200mb line you pay $100 per month. I could go on and on.

What makes me feel uncomfortable is how we get sucked in so easily as humans into wanting everything and the best of it. It’s almost a disease that creeps in without us even noticing. An addiction that takes over and steals your happiness, leaving you feeling this empty void. No surprise why drug abuse is so big here and in the world at large. I heard a nearby town has so many addicts that they throw heroin parties. It makes me feel sad and this desire to want to run and hide in a corner of the world where this modern life doesn’t exist.

I feel like I’m not significant enough to be a change alone, but together if more could start seeing this modern life for what it really is and revolt against it, we can live a truly happy life.

That’s when Sam and I decided we are not buying into this bullshit. Yes bullshit. If you want to own everything you see on social media, I am no one to judge you, just like if you eat meat, I don’t judge you, but I do wish you would challenge yourself to change something small in your life and pursue happiness instead of things.

“So Amy, what is this minimalism you’re on about?”

Well essentially for US it means living with essentials, a focus on quality so you have something for a long time and not have to replace it frequently, and spending on experiences and good food instead of things.

We are lucky to be moving into our new home on the 28th December and this means having to furnish a house or not. Now we all want a Pinterest worthy house right? But do we NEED that or are we filling a void. We all want to be comfortable and have a cozy home, I do too, but we want to create a space that we use everything we own or it serves an important purpose. We came up with an essentials list and when we move in I’ll share that with you. We won’t be financing anything for the inside of this house because who wants more debt? We plan to live within our financial means and if that means savings up for a few months for an item, then that is exactly what we will do. Instant gratification is exactly that, instant and fleeting. I’m not here to entertain that.

I hope my rambling hasn’t scared you away. And I would love to hear your views on this matter. Comment below or just say hi 🙂

xxx Amy

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