Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

This creamy avo basil pasta has been one of my go-to meals for years. It’s super quick to make and a perfect dinner. It’s also delicious cold and makes for a great cold pasta leftover lunch.

Using herbs in foods

I have always loved using herbs in meals. They bring completeness to meals and add such a wonderful aroma and flavor. My ultimate favorite herb is basil.

There is something special about basil and it goes well with pretty much everything. This creamy avo pasta can be made without the basil, but the basil does add a level of depth and such a delicious flavor which brightens this pasta.

Keeping it simple

This creamy avo basil sauce is made from 6 simple ingredients. An avocado, basil, garlic, almond milk, lemon juice and salt. That’s it. Blended up for a few minutes on high and poured over your pasta and dinner is ready. 15 minute dinners? Heck yes please!!

From raw vegan to gluten free

This pasta can easily be raw vegan by using zucchini or raw vegetable noodles, gluten free if using gluten free pasta or served with traditional wheat noodles. It’s also a fantastic salad dressing. It’s super diverse.

This creamy avo basil pasta is:

  • Super satisfying
  • delicious
  • simple
  • super creamy
  • bright
  • healthy
Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

Additional toppings

If you want to make this pasta extra special, you can add these additions to your meal.

  • This parmesan
  • cherry tomatoes fresh or pan-roasted.
  • Pan-fried mushrooms.
  • Crunchy tempeh or tofu blocks.
  • Edamame beans fresh or these
  • Roasted chickpeas
Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

Go give this a try and if you do let me know how you like it by giving me a rating.

avo basil pasta

Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

This 15 minute meal is absolutely delicious hot or cold. It can be raw vegan, gluten free or served with traditional pasta. Add any topping of your choice for something extra.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Vegan
Servings 3 Portions


  • Blender


Pasta of choice – enough for 3 portions

    Avo basil sauce

    • 1 large avocado
    • 1 cup almond milk
    • 1 handful basil leaves
    • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
    • 1/2 tsp salt
    • 1 clove garlic


    • Cook your pasta or use raw vegetable noodles.
    • In a blender add the avo, basil, almond milk, salt, garlic and lemon juice.
    • Blend on high for a few seconds until well combined.
    • Add to your pasta noodles.
    • Add additional toppings if desired.
    • Serve immediately.


    Leftovers can be stored for 1 day in the refrigerator in an airtight container.
    If using vegetable noodles keep the sauce and noodles separate or it will become too ‘watery’. 
    Calories based on 2 servings of sauce without a pasta. 
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    Until next time, happy cooking 🙂

    Xoxo Amy

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