Hi there, I’m Amy and I’m super happy you’re here. 

I’m from South Africa and have always been quite the creative one – I can definitely thank my mom for this! 

I studied photography when I left school and then went to teach English in Thailand and got to see some amazing places and culture. It was while living there that I fell in love with food, changed my lifestyle from being a meat eater to being a vegan and found my passion for creating vegan meals and desserts. 

When returning to Cape Town my business partner and I opened up a food stall at markets selling raw vegan food and 2 years later we opened up a vegan restaurant. I met my husband in 2017 and it was the love at first site kind of story which I had never believed in. We got married in 2018 and moved our lives to the USA late 2018.

My dream is to make the world a better place through food, one vegan recipe at a time.   

Husband and wife, beach. holding hands
Photography by The Wayfarers

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