A little Peanut

I’ve been quiet, oh so terrible quiet and I know this blog has stood still for quite a few weeks. The truth is, I’ve got a little peanut growing in my belly. Yes I’m pregnant! SURPRISE! I hope you weren’t as surprised as my whole family! Or maybe you are. Either way we are super thrilled and it almost feels unreal still.

I totally get if it’s a blob to you!

Now being pregnant doesn’t give me a reason to stop cooking and making recipes but ironically food has been the last thing I want to be near.

I never really thought about what it would be like to be pregnant or the changes a female body has to endure. I’m learning quickly it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

mom showing daughter how to swaddle
This part was fun – learning some tips from my mom

Morning sickness

I envy any mamma who has never had morning sickness and I empathize with each one who has had to endure the grueling waves of nausea. Hugging a toilet bowl at random times of the day is definitely not that exciting.

My greatest passion – food and cooking – has taken a backseat as the very smell of food ignites alarm bells and my senses go into overdrive. Sam finds it hilarious that I can’t even think about food without feeling ill. (Sorry hunny, I’ve put dinners on hold for 3 months). Luckily I have the most incredible husband who is taking the best care of me and Peanut.

I’ve dealt with the nausea mainly by resting and trying to eat small frequent bites as getting too hungry is the worst. Ginger tea and flavorless foods have been my friends.

How many weeks?

The question everyone asks along with the due date! Tomorrow I’ll be 11 weeks pregnant and while that’s not a long time, it means I’m 2 weeks closer to being out of the 1st trimester and one step closer to getting my appetite back and more energy. Or so I hope! Feeling exhausted and sick all the time is painful when you’re used to being healthy and energetic.

Can you believe my mom kept so many things from my brother and I as babies???

Is vegan pregnancy safe?

As a vegan, I’ve been asked if my diet is safe for my little bun and honestly speaking, I can’t see why it’s not? Did I tell my Dr I’m vegan? Nope, but my bloodwork came back perfect and that’s proof enough for me. After all I want the best for our baby but there is no need to sacrifice my ethics here when plants provide everything our baby and I need.

I’m taking a pre-natal which is designed for optimum absorption and is 100% vegan. And I’m eating as best I can under the circumstances. I’ll do a post on my cravings as those have been interesting 🙂

I hope you are as excited to share in this journey with us. Vegan minimalist pregnancy and food blog? I don’t even know how those go together but for now I’ll be focusing on my real life. Sharing my experiences of being pregnant, my food -I’m sure I’ll be an extra hungry herbivore in the next few weeks – and how we are preparing for a little baba as minimalists.

xoxo Amy

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