5 Months old

5 Months old

15th March 2020

My dearest baby Leo,

What a month it has been. You are learning and growing daily.

This past month you reached a couple of milestones.

You started eating solids; carrots, green beans, zucchini, and plums. You love sucking on a pear core and mango pip. You love food. You clearly take after your mamma. You are so curious and want to see and grab everything I’m eating. We sat you in your high chair and you cried so much. It takes you a while to adjust to anything new.

It was such a proud moment on the 1st March when you took a bottle from your dad. We were so thrilled that you could actually drink from it and hoped that it would continue but nope, the next day you were back to refusing it. We shall not give up trying though.

Drinking your bottle after eating carrots for the first time (and mom and dads banana berry ice-cream ready to be devoured)

You have been getting stronger by the day and can fully push up off the floor now. Your little hands grab everything and it was amazing watching you discover your hands and how they work together. You are now intentional about grabbing objects and of course, they have to be explored in the mouth.

You still suck your thumb when going to sleep and your hands are still your favorite snack.  You are very strong-willed and know what you want when you want it. 

You love the outdoors and seeing what’s around you when we go for walks. I’ve been teaching you Spanish colors and counting while leaving the tough Spanish to your paps. Every day you have so many stories to tell us, I can’t help but wonder what goes on in your little mind.

You love chatting to everyone over the phone and want all the attention to be on you. We would have left for South Africa on the 28th March but due to Coronavirus causing a shut down everywhere, we will pause you meeting your great-grandmas and the rest of the family until we can travel safely.

I’m so excited to watch you grow. The amount of joy you bring us is something that cannot be measured.

We love you, little guy.

Xoxo Mamma

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