4 Months Old

Leonardo 4 months old

My sweet baby Leo, 

It’s almost hard to believe you have been in this world for 4 months already. What was life like before you?

It’s tough becoming a parent. For anyone who expects it not to be, is in denial. For the first 3 months, you had no schedule and fed and slept when you wanted. It also meant less sleep for us and being on-demand at any moment.

Leonardo 4 months old

I say this because sleep is a precious thing we all undervalue most of the time. With you, we have adjusted to interval sleep. It’s not as bad as it sounds and most of the time we wake up feeling well-rested.

One night, you were restless the entire night and I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I felt angry at myself for feeling angry with you and that’s when I decided there had to be a way I could start sleep training you.

To think you come out the womb and literally have to learn every single thing, is quite tough to comprehend. I had never even realized that I was once taught to put myself to sleep. You don’t magically acquire that skill. I had been putting you asleep nightly by feeding you and almost all your naps had happened while you were sucking away happily, but I couldn’t be a human pacifier anymore.

I spent a day researching sleep training and different methods. Eventually deciding we would settle on a bedtime routine and comforting you when you cried.

That night we started your routine with a bath, feeding, PJ change, story and then singing and swaying you until you were drowsy before laying you down. You would cry and we would pick you up and sing and sway you some more. Cry for a few minutes and repeat. The first 3 nights were the worst trying to get you to sleep but after that, you learned to suck your thumb to self-soother. I was so grateful you had found your thumb since you had always refused a pacifier.

During the day I would lay you down in you’re crib for naps and while you struggled at first to be put down, on day 4 you knew that you would have your naps and were already sleepy when I would put you down.

Honestly, this changed the game. Your dad and I got a little bit of time back at night to spend some time together before going to bed at 8pm. Ssssh don’t judge….. 8pm bedtimes are great when you’re so exhausted.

You now take regular naps throughout the day and sleep in 4-5 hour intervals at night. Overall you became a happier baby. And it meant I could get some things done in between your naps. 20-30minutes become super productive times.

You have become chattier and love telling stories. A few times you have even burst into excited shrieks. You make us laugh and smile and coo over you all day long.

You learned to roll over from your tummy to your back and to touch your toes when your diaper is being changed. Your grasp has got so firm and you bring everything you can hold to your mouth. When I nurse you, you hold onto my finger so firmly.

Did I mention you are always eating, sucking and chewing on your hands and if you can fit two hands into your mouth then even better. If there were a competition you would be the winner.

Your coordination has got so much better. You follow objects, are super curious about your surroundings and love engaging with people. You happily stay in the church nursery for over an hour and you love it.

I wish you wouldn’t grow so fast. You are now 6kg and 61cm. I can’t believe how tall you have gotten. Just 4 short months ago you were the tiniest baby I had ever held. I remember being afraid of dressing you. You still don’t like to get dressed though. You LOVE your bathtime. Splashing in the water is your favorite thing.

We love you baby Leo. I might say it a hundred times a day but you are our sunshine.

xoxo Mom

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