Fluffy vegan sandwich bread

This has got to be the best homemade bread I have ever made and now it's a weekly staple. It is fluffy, vegan, perfect for sandwiches, morning toast, soup dipper and eating plain. I now present the fluffy vegan sandwich bread recipe! fluffy vegan sandwich bread While I cannot take full credit for this recipe I 'veganized' a non vegan recipe from tastesoflizzyt. My dearest hubby starting making this while I was avoiding the kitchen in my first trimester and it was a lifesaver having a plain bread around especially when my toast and jam cravings hit. Hail the vegan…

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Potato Soup {6 Ingredient * Vegan}

While things seem to be warming up in West Virginia (at last!). I've been having soup cravings. Honestly, I think I'm in love with soups right now. Nothing beats a warm cup of soup and homemade sourdough. Recipe coming later this week ;) This potato soup was easy to whip up and for 6 ingredients (make it 8 with salt and pepper) it's such a delicious meal. This potato soup is: ThickSlightly spice from all the pepper I addedFull of flavour Nutrient denseLow in fatMakes almost 4 liters Want a healthy, filling soup for the whole week? Then this potato…

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Cauliflower kimchi fried rice {Low carb & vegan}

Looking for a quick lunch or dinner meal that is loaded with veggies and just so happens to be low carb? Then this low carb cauliflower kimchi fried rice is perfect for you. What is Kimchi? Kimchi is a wonderful Korean ingredient made from Napa cabbage, salt and chili. Cabbage leaves get salted and pressed into then gets fermented and for a few days and then enjoyed with most Korean dishes. I love adding kimchi for extra flavor and spice. The flavors are wonderful. Not only is kimchi tasty, but it boasts a wide range of health benefits from high…

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Homemade Body Lotion (Natural**Vegan)

Little Peanut is growing at a rapid rate each week, I'm taking extra care to make sure that I'm taking as much care of my body as possible. The past 3 months felt like the longest time however I'm finally starting to feel well again. I never realized how much I took my daily health for granted. Now I appreciate the days when I'm feeling energetic and well more than ever. So what's this got to do with homemade body lotion I hear you asking? I've finally had some energy to start creating again and this time it's homemade body…

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