2 months old

2 months old

December has run away with me. My dad arrived from South Africa and we have been doing some local sightseeing and I’ve been fully present and having a social media cleanse. I plan to be back to my normal blogging schedule from January after my epic fail since having Leo. Let’s just say I took a maternity leave and at first I felt so guilty about it. Now I’m glad I did it to be fully engaged. Hopefully, you will all still remember me right?

Remember my series of letters to Leo? Well here is his 2nd month.

15th December 2019

You’re two months old now and it feels like you’ve always been apart of our lives. The days and nights still revolve around you. We can’t stop telling you how cute you are.

You are super alert and starting to find your voice. Your little noises make us smile and I wish I could capture each and every one of them.

You love staring at the ceiling fan and I wonder what is going on in your little mind. You sometimes giggle in your sleep and it’s magical to hear. We are eagerly awaiting your giggle while you’re awake.

This past month you have been to Cincinnati and Columbus. The trip was long and you weren’t too happy to be in a car seat all day. I don’t blame you kiddo. We stopped frequently to feed, burp and diaper changes and sometimes we would have to stop just 20 minutes after getting back on the road to get some more burps out. Traveling with a 6 week old is a challenge.

I felt like we needed to pack our whole house to make sure we had everything but in essence, all we needed was clothes, diapers, toiletries, and some food.

The day before Cincinnati we went to Washington. For the day we put you into disposable diapers. By the end of the day, you had such bad bum rash we decided you would do cloth diapers for our Thanksgiving weekend away.

Everyone loves you so. It was so great to show you off to those we love. When I met everyone here a year ago they became my family instantly. The warmth and love they showed me was exactly what you got showered in.

You have grown so much this month. I keep looking at you trying to remember just how small you were a mere month ago. I keep saying this but it feels like you have always been apart of our lives and I can no longer imagine life without you. What did I do with all my time??

Your smile is getting cuter by the day and your hands are growing too fast. You sleep well at night but fight sleep during the day. We have been mostly co-sleeping.

I hate hearing you cry and my immediate impulse is to drop everything and attend to you. I know so many people say cry it out or you must learn but I also realize you are only 2 months old and don’t know anything about yourself or this big scary world. You are navigating it just as much as we are.

We took a trip to New York this past week to pick up your grandpa and you were really so good on the trip. As long as we stopped to take care of your needs you slept the rest of the way. New York itself was amazing and you were an angel while dad sat in the car with you and grandma and I explored.

Seeing your grandpa or I should say ‘Oupi’ meet you, on a snowy morning in New York, was incredible. You didn’t fuss at all and just enjoyed being held by him. He was smitten. The rest of our day in New York was spent in the car jumping out at various sites while your paps and I sat in the car feeding you. You weren’t having the best time. But overall you did pretty well considering you are only 7 weeks old.

You have changed so much over the month. You are super attentive and alert. You are smiling and melting our hearts daily. Your legs have got super long and your lashes and brows have grown too.

You still feed frequently during the day and we can’t seem to trick you to take a bottle. Trust me we have tried but you want to know nothing of it.

Lately, you have started pulling a sad face with a quivering bottom lip and when you do that it’s game over. We are putty in your hands and will do anything for you.

You have brought us so much joy. We love you, Leo. 

Love you always


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  1. Love, love, love this! And you’re right about him being just a little guy and not necessarily letting him cry it out all the time. I did that with my first years ago, because that’s what I was told, but I wish I could go back now and change how I did things. After having three babies, I found that they don’t fit into “one size fits all;” each one is different. He is still young and you’re doing a great job.

    1. Thank you Ginny <3 You are a great mom and. did what was believed to be the right thing back then. I'm sure 20 years from now so much I'm doing now will be deemed 'wrong'. The best thing any child can have is parents who love them. xxx

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