South African Crunchies

It's my goal to veganize all the recipes I grew up on. My granny was the baker and her cookies were always so good. These crunchies took me back to my childhood. Although they are not AS crunchy as hers were, they are pretty authentic South African crunchies. What is a crunchie? First things first, a crunchie is a cookie or biscuit (as we call then in South Africa), made from oatmeal, flour and golden syrup. It's like the name suggests, a biscuit with a crunch. However, I've had softer ones and super crunchy ones before. My favorite is a…

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Poppyseed ‘milk’ chocolate cake

Poppyseed 'milk' chocolate cake aka a Mon cake? I grew up with this poppyseed 'milk' chocolate cake being called a mon cake. When I googled a description for a mon cake absolutely nothing came up. I don't know where this cake originates from but it was my ultimate favorite cake growing up.   My mom would make this poppyseed cake for birthdays. I remember always helping because I wanted to lick the white chocolate pot clean when we were done.  In my own terms, a mon cake is a poppyseed cake and the traditional version of this cake is made with…

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Vegan Choc chip cookies

If you’re not a lover of choc chip cookies or peanut butter, I’ll forgive you. However, if you are a lover of both, then get your bake ON because these choc chip vegan cookies are about to change your life. BOLD STATEMENT! But seriously I'm quite proud of these. My choc chip vegan cookie is an easy recipe and makes a whole lot. Perfect to share right?! If you don't like peanut butter, swap it for any nut or need butter. I can imagine almond and cashew butter tasting amazing. Since having my own kitchen, I’ve made it a mission to…

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