How to make Kimchi

Going from something relatively unknown, kimchi has made quite the appearance in the past 2 years. If you're new to the term, I'm going to tell you what kimchi is, why it's good for you and how to make kimchi.  What is kimchi? Simply put, kimchi is a fermented cabbage dish originating in Korea. It is eaten with pretty much everything in Korea. Whenever the word 'fermented' gets used in food terms, I think a lot of people think, "eew", BUT Beer, wine, yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, apple cider vinegar are all examples of fermented foods/drinks. And I'm guessing…

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Cauliflower kimchi fried rice {Low carb & vegan}

Looking for a quick lunch or dinner meal that is loaded with veggies and just so happens to be low carb? Then this low carb cauliflower kimchi fried rice is perfect for you. What is Kimchi? Kimchi is a wonderful Korean ingredient made from Napa cabbage, salt and chili. Cabbage leaves get salted and pressed into then gets fermented and for a few days and then enjoyed with most Korean dishes. I love adding kimchi for extra flavor and spice. The flavors are wonderful. Not only is kimchi tasty, but it boasts a wide range of health benefits from high…

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