Crispy spiced potatoes

I think crispy potatoes fresh out the oven are a heavenly gift. The humble potato in all its glory. The good ol potato is such a magical ingredient. I know some hate it because carbs = eew. I on the other hand love it and appreciate it for being simple and simply diverse. On the plus side it has some wonderful nutrients: High potassium (more than a banana)Good amount of vitamin B6High in vitamin C (who would have thought?)Magnesium, fibre and antioxidants are present Have you perfected crispy potatoes? You might have been doing it wrong all along. At least…

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Vegan Gnocchi

How to make vegan gnocchi step-by-step Making vegan gnocchi is... I always thought homemade gnocchi must be incredibly tough to make. Vegan gnocchi must be impossible? I decided why not take up the challenge and give it a go, how difficult could it really be? To my surprise I found it super easy. Be warned it's a messy thing to make but it is easy and really fun. This would be a super fun activity to make with kids - I cannot wait to teach our kiddos. I thought I would share with you how to make vegan gnocchi in…

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Mac n Cheese sauce (Vegan*Gluten free)

I grew up on Mac n cheese My mom would make a great Mac n cheese and often this was our meal twice a week. We had a running joke at home where we even said "Oh it's a Mac n cheese night." Sometimes, we asked for anything but a Mac n cheese because we got tired of eating it. It was delicious but it was loaded with dairy and often bacon bits which were the best kind of ones. I knew I had to create a vegan Mac n cheese sauce that would be perfect to eat often. Finding…

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Roast Veg Salad

Roasting veg for salads Vegetables don't need to be boring and this roast veg salad is definitely not a bore! I find roasting veggies gives them such an incredible flavor. It's probably my most favorite way to eat vegetables. Using roasted vegetables in salads is a great way to add some more variety and elevate your salads. Why make this roast veg salad? We all need meals which are easy to whip up. No one wants to spend hours cooking after a long day of work. Am I wrong? This is why you need this easy roast veg salad in…

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