Welcome to Nifty number 19

There is something so refreshing about starting a new year. New ideas, new goals, new challenges, new adventures, new recipes. Here is my first 2019 recipe I created using ingredients I have at home. For this entire week, my personal challenge is to use up everything before doing a weekly shop the weekend. I love a good burger, and I'm sure you do too. Using ingredients you have lying around in your cupboards, you will find some gems that can be made into some delicious creations. Okay, so maybe that's just me who wants to be creative and think how…

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Hello holidays and Christmas Treats

Yesterday Sam and I drove to Cincinnati where we will be spending Christmas with some friends. I couldn't be happier that it's holidays and cold enough for hot Christmas feasts. South African is always so hot over Christmas! Every year I wonder about the massive debts that families get themselves into over the Christmas period. Keeping up with the Joneses is emotionally and financially draining. Who actually needs to do this? Well, unless someone has a gun to your head, then you definitely don't. My three tips to staying financially sane are: 1. Set boundaries/budgets for yourself if you are…

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Eggless Vegan Quiche

Before going vegan, one assumes that being vegan means restrictions. No meat (burgers), no cheese (pizza), no milk (ice-cream), no eggs (cakes/quiches)... how will I survive? This might have been a relevant question a decade ago but now it's pretty easy to transition. Because 'veganism' or a plant based lifestyle is growing rapidly, so is a whole industry focused on making vegan ingredients and products, and their availability is widespread. The internet has amazing recipes from super creative people out there who are all contributing to making this a lifestyle of abundance. Free to explore a range of ingredients you…

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