Fluffy vegan sandwich bread

This has got to be the best homemade bread I have ever made and now it's a weekly staple. It is fluffy, vegan, perfect for sandwiches, morning toast, soup dipper and eating plain. I now present the fluffy vegan sandwich bread recipe! fluffy vegan sandwich bread While I cannot take full credit for this recipe I 'veganized' a non vegan recipe from tastesoflizzyt. My dearest hubby starting making this while I was avoiding the kitchen in my first trimester and it was a lifesaver having a plain bread around especially when my toast and jam cravings hit. Hail the vegan…

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A little Peanut

I've been quiet, oh so terrible quiet and I know this blog has stood still for quite a few weeks. The truth is, I've got a little peanut growing in my belly. Yes I'm pregnant! SURPRISE! I hope you weren't as surprised as my whole family! Or maybe you are. Either way we are super thrilled and it almost feels unreal still. I totally get if it's a blob to you! Now being pregnant doesn't give me a reason to stop cooking and making recipes but ironically food has been the last thing I want to be near. I never…

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