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BBQ jackfruit sliders

Remember that BBQ sauce I told you needs to be a staple in your kitchen? Well, if you haven't tried it, it's time because you need to give these BBQ jackfruit sliders a try. What is jackfruit? Jackfruit has become quite a popular ingredient in the past year or two. It's grown in tropical Asian countries. I remember seeing it all around Thailand but never been brave enough to try it. It wasn't known in the vegan world 7 years ago. I'm so glad someone decided to experiment with this fruit because it's such a versatile fruit. I love cooking…

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Creamy Avo Basil Pasta

This creamy avo basil pasta has been one of my go-to meals for years. It’s super quick to make and a perfect dinner. It’s also delicious cold and makes for a great cold pasta leftover lunch. Using herbs in foods I have always loved using herbs in meals. They bring completeness to meals and add such a wonderful aroma and flavor. My ultimate favorite herb is basil. There is something special about basil and it goes well with pretty much everything. This creamy avo pasta can be made without the basil, but the basil does add a level of depth…

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Kale and Tomato Mac n Cheese

I warn you, I'm all about the pasta life right about now. In my attempt to make pasta a healthy dinner option, I created this delicious kale and tomato Mac n cheese. Who can resist Mac n cheese right? Kale and tomato combo I never realized how good kale and tomato would go together. I've been on a kale train ever since I get 2 huge bunches a week in my veggie box. For this Mac n cheese I pan fried the kale with some garlic and soy sauce. The cherry tomatoes are pan roasted with a little bit of…

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Roasted Sweet Peppers Pasta

This is a twist on a traditional spaghetti Bolognese recipe. This roasted sweet peppers pasta recipe was a dish that magically unfolded from a flop of a hummus recipe I was trying to create. Yup, I said it, flops happen to all of us. Instead of tossing my flop, I decided it had to be useful in some way. I couldn't bare the thought of throwing away food. Especially when there was nothing wrong with it, besides it not tasting good as a hummus as I had set out to create. The twisted sweet peppers pasta is born I'm honestly…

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