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Poppyseed ‘milk’ chocolate cake

Poppyseed 'milk' chocolate cake aka a Mon cake? I grew up with this poppyseed 'milk' chocolate cake being called a mon cake. When I googled a description for a mon cake absolutely nothing came up. I don't know where this cake originates from but it was my ultimate favorite cake growing up.   My mom would make this poppyseed cake for birthdays. I remember always helping because I wanted to lick the white chocolate pot clean when we were done.  In my own terms, a mon cake is a poppyseed cake and the traditional version of this cake is made with…

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Chocolate energy balls

I went raw vegan in 2012. The main reason I was so willing to try such a drastic lifestyle change was because it said I could still eat desserts. I hear you laughing out loud. Reading that I could eat chocolate made from natural foods completely sold me. I'm a dessert girl and I want to eat it all. This was my very first recipe attempt and has been a favorite ever since. I present to you my chocolate energy balls. A healthy chocolate treat If you're looking for something healthy to cure your sugar cravings without eating nasties, then…

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Decadent Chocolate cupcakes

The best ever decadent chocolate cupcake is born Pin for later I'm a chocolate everything kinda girl. Chocolate milkshake, ice-cream, desserts. Growing up I would always order chocolate flavored desserts and I would drink copious amounts of Milo (eew I know)! BUT...when it comes to cupcakes... I'm a vanilla cupcake kinda girl. How weird right? Chocolate cake was never my favorite cake flavor but then these babies were born and holy moly just make them and see for yourself! These are the best decadent chocolate cupcakes you will try and yes, of course they are vegan! You don't need to…

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Healthy Vegan Tiramisu

It's not often you come across someone who doesn't want to order that tiramisu at an Italian restaurant. I guess only non coffee lovers would give it a pass and if you're vegan or dairy intolerant of course. Tiramisu is known to be decadent and what a wonderful way to sum up a dinner party? I created this healthy vegan tiramisu treat for when we visited our friends in Asheville and it was definitely approved by all the non vegans. They didn't even know it was a healthier version. 3 Steps to making a healthy vegan tiramisu First off you…

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