Snacks and appetizers

South African Crunchies

It's my goal to veganize all the recipes I grew up on. My granny was the baker and her cookies were always so good. These crunchies took me back to my childhood. Although they are not AS crunchy as hers were, they are pretty authentic South African crunchies. What is a crunchie? First things first, a crunchie is a cookie or biscuit (as we call then in South Africa), made from oatmeal, flour and golden syrup. It's like the name suggests, a biscuit with a crunch. However, I've had softer ones and super crunchy ones before. My favorite is a…

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Chocolate energy balls

I went raw vegan in 2012. The main reason I was so willing to try such a drastic lifestyle change was because it said I could still eat desserts. I hear you laughing out loud. Reading that I could eat chocolate made from natural foods completely sold me. I'm a dessert girl and I want to eat it all. This was my very first recipe attempt and has been a favorite ever since. I present to you my chocolate energy balls. A healthy chocolate treat If you're looking for something healthy to cure your sugar cravings without eating nasties, then…

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Epic loaded nachos

If you're not a nachos fan then I'm sorry we can't be friends! Totally kidding but you have to try these so I can change your mind. These loaded nachos are EPIC! Seriously epic and unlike a dairy cheese loaded meaty nachos dish this will leave you feeling fantastic and ever so happy. Why the nachos obsession? I have memories of eating greasy cheesy loaded nachos at a Spur (South African chain restaurant) and while these tasted good I would always feel sluggish and uncomfortable after eating them. When I went raw vegan I would make dehydrated corn chips and…

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Vegan Travel tips + granola bar recipe

Vegan travel tips, you may be asking who needs these but trust me, there are some things you learn from traveling without previous experience. This evening I'm hopping on a plane for a 33 hour journey to Such Africa. I'm beyond excited to see my family, friends and try out some vegan joints. But before the fun begins the prepping for the journey is essential. These are my vegan travel tips to help you have a successful journey. Vegan travel tip 1 When you book your flight, especially for international flights, make sure you request a vegan meal. Whether you…

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