Tomato lentil​ Soup

I'm a fan of meal prepping on weekends. It saves so much time during the week and I don't have to waste brain space thinking about what's for dinner every night. This tomato lentil soup idea popped into my head when I was feeling particularly lazy and looking at a bowl full of lentils I had just soaked. Soup-a-lazy We ALL have those lazy meals. Trust me, I LOVE cooking but some days I'm just not in the mood. I know you can relate. This soup is gonna knock your socks off. It's so simple and delicious I already know…

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South African Crunchies

It's my goal to veganize all the recipes I grew up on. My granny was the baker and her cookies were always so good. These crunchies took me back to my childhood. Although they are not AS crunchy as hers were, they are pretty authentic South African crunchies. What is a crunchie? First things first, a crunchie is a cookie or biscuit (as we call then in South Africa), made from oatmeal, flour and golden syrup. It's like the name suggests, a biscuit with a crunch. However, I've had softer ones and super crunchy ones before. My favorite is a…

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Pineapple fried rice

Fried rice is one of those 15 minute meals which are a staple for any busy house. It's also great for meal prepping ahead of time. If you love pineapple on pizza, then you will love this pineapple fried rice. If pineapple in food isn't your thing, I get it. I used to strongly dislike any fruits in foods growing up. Fried rice is great for: Only have a few bits and bobs left in your fridge? Fried rice is a great way to use that lonesome carrot, those almost expired greens and those last few veggies in the freezer…

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Creamy strawberry oatmeal

Oatmeal love it or hate it? Oatmeal, some love it some hate it. I used to be in the hate category but for some reason this year I've grown to love oatmeal even when it's hot and summery. I have a few favorite combinations but today I want to share with you my creamy strawberry oatmeal recipe. How not to make this oatmeal This is NOT microwave oatmeal. I avoid using the microwave and choose to never cook with it. If microwaving is your thing, give it a go. Stop and stir frequently to prevent the oats from boiling over.…

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