Best Thai Curry

When I have taught friends and family to cook, the first thing I teach them is a Thai curry. Who doesn't love a good curry right? I'm such a curry fan and my favorite two to cook are Thai or Indian. This is my best Thai curry and it's super quick, so flavorful and you can use whatever veggies you have on hand. Thai curry is perfect for meal prepping Every week I've been making a big pot of curry which is perfect for packed lunches or dinner. As the flavor develops over the week curry get better and better.…

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Epic loaded nachos

If you're not a nachos fan then I'm sorry we can't be friends! Totally kidding but you have to try these so I can change your mind. These loaded nachos are EPIC! Seriously epic and unlike a dairy cheese loaded meaty nachos dish this will leave you feeling fantastic and ever so happy. Why the nachos obsession? I have memories of eating greasy cheesy loaded nachos at a Spur (South African chain restaurant) and while these tasted good I would always feel sluggish and uncomfortable after eating them. When I went raw vegan I would make dehydrated corn chips and…

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Vegan Thai Grapao

Oh Thai grapao where shall we begin... In order to tell you more about my love for Thai food and especially a Grapao aka Pad Grapao or in English Chicken stir fry with Holy basil. I have to tell you a bit about me and why I needed a vegan Thai grapao in my life. My Thailand days I lived in Thailand for 2.5 years back in 2011-2013. For the first year, I wasn't vegan. My health journey and lifestyle transformation began in the second year by trying not to eat rice and fried pork for breakfast. Yes, I wasn't…

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Smoky Sweet Potato Soup

Let it be known, I love sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are so versatile and can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. I roast sweet potatoes every week, literally every week! I was so happy when I got a few in my Misfit box this past week. While prepping this weeks meals I decided a smoky sweet potato soup would go down well. Before I tell you about this deliciously easy sweet potato soup let me tell you about Misfit. A bit about Misfit box When I lived in Thailand, all those years back, I would get a weekly box…

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