Vegan Sancocho (*Puerto Rican Stew*)

I would never have considered ever making Puerto Rican food. However my husband is Puerto Rican and this peaked my curiosity about the culture and the food. Upon doing some research I stumbled upon many delicious recipes Sadly none were vegetarian or remotely vegan friendly. It was then that I accepted the challenge to create a vegan Puerto Rican dish. And so the vegan Sancocho was born. What is Sancocho? Sancocho is a meat stew with many starches. Sancocho can easily consist of up to 5 different kinds of meat! There are many different versions of this stew as each…

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5 minute Sofrito Recipe

What is sofrito? Puerto Rican cooking without sofrito would be lost as would America without its fries and South Africa without it's braai. Sofrito is an aromatic food spicing used in Spanish and Latino cuisines. This sofrito recipe uses easy to find ingredients. Where ever you are in the world, you have no excuse not to try this. This 5 minute sofrito recipe is a perfect combo to take your simple bean and rice dinner to a whole new level. Trust me. Nutritional seasoning Coriander/cilantro is detoxifying and helps the body get rid of heavy metals. We all live in…

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Healthy Vegan Tiramisu

It's not often you come across someone who doesn't want to order that tiramisu at an Italian restaurant. I guess only non coffee lovers would give it a pass and if you're vegan or dairy intolerant of course. Tiramisu is known to be decadent and what a wonderful way to sum up a dinner party? I created this healthy vegan tiramisu treat for when we visited our friends in Asheville and it was definitely approved by all the non vegans. They didn't even know it was a healthier version. 3 Steps to making a healthy vegan tiramisu First off you…

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Creamy Vegan broccoli soup

Even though it's starting to warm up this side of the world, every now and again it will be a cooler day or a rainy day which makes me crave something comforting. As you might remember I've been loving soups this pregnancy and always looking for quick ways to make them. This creamy vegan broccoli soup always comes to mind when I'm pressed for time or too exhausted to make something else. Broccoli gives you super powers You might not be able to fly after eating broccoli but you will be fueling your body with an array of amazing vitamins,…

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