Vegan grocery shopping tips

How many of you love grocery shopping? Going down memory lane, I remember my parents hating it and my dad was always the shopper. I, on the other hand, used to love going with and that hasn't changed. I still love grocery shopping. Today I wanted to share with you some of my vegan grocery shopping tips. Tip 1: Set a weekly food budget for your vegan grocery shopping It's super important to know how much you can afford to spend on food in a month. Once you have your allocated amount, you can plan your meals around your budget.…

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2 Pizza base recipes: gluten free vs traditional.

I think it's safe to say we all love a good pizza. For me, the pizza base plays a huge role in creating a successful pizza. Making pizza at home is one of my favorite meals and it's great to get everyone involved. Plus, it's super easy even when making the dough and cheese from scratch. Yup, I'm not even kidding you mates! It's easy. You can make homemade pizza and cheese in under 1,5 hours all while saving yourself a few bucks. What's the difference between a gluten free and a traditional pizza base? A traditional pizza base is…

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The cheesy no cheese Parmesan

Sometimes I feel we overlook the simple things in life. I For instance, fruits are amazing on their own. Fruits were designed to perfection in my opinion. Enjoying a simple fruit can bring you so much joy if you focus on the tastes and textures. Nature is incredible and it’s inspiring to have so many beautiful natural things to taste and enjoy. While this cheesy no cheese parmesan is not a single ingredient item, it’s something so simple to make and to enjoy over pastas and salads. I wish every household would keep a jar of this in their fridge. …

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Chocolate Raspberry buns

If you haven't already noticed, I've been on a berry roll this week! Whats not to love about all things berry? I had a craving for a pastry and decided to hop into the kitchen and give it a go not know what would be created. I've always wanted to create a vegan croissant and so that was my inspiration for these chocolate raspberry buns. But, I won't lie, this is definitely not a croissant! The end result reminded me of a sweet bread similar to a cinnabun. We all love those right? This chocolate raspberry bun is a great…

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